Guitar Techniques

If you really want to improve your guitar playing, you must learn how to improve your guitar techniques. These are skills or methods of creating dynamics or variations of the usual tone of the guitar. They give color to the notes that you produce with the guitar. Imagine plucking a single note, its plain and boring, right? Nothing, monotonous. But when you apply vibrato to that single note that would be a different things. All of a sudden, that single note would be different, as if you have breathed life into it. That is the main purpose of these techniques.

Guitar Techniques – Hammer On and Pull offs

Now, let me share to you some guitar techniques that you would find very useful, especially in your guitar soloing skills. Now, before you get all jumpy on the mere mention of the words “guitar solo”, listen to me first. These two techniques are guaranteed to make every note you pluck much more colorful. A hammer on is done by plucking a single note and hammering the next one with your finger; that would be the finger that you aren’t using at the moment. It produces a different tone compared to the usual boring plucked note.

Guitar Techniques – Continuation

The pull – off is the reversed version of the hammer on. You make the note by pulling off your finger. Try to do this on several notes on an A Major scale. Experiment on it. You will see that it produces various results that would surely make you feel and sound good. See the effect? By just applying a couple of guitar techniques, you can see, feel and hear your guitar playing improve a little bit. What more if you know all the guitar techniques known to man? Conclusion: Guitar Techniques for Epic Guitar Playing.