This is one essential technique for guitar players and should be mastered. From the chunky heavy chug of the distorted guitar to the percussive single notes, it’s all palm muting. In rock music, this is an essential thing to learn. Palm muting is basically a technique to create muffled sounds. When paired up with a distortion pedal, it creates several types of sounds, from a crunchy sound to a heavy chugging sound. Knowing how to use this is important, especially in rock music.

Palm muting is also used in guitar solos to create variety. It’s like killing a certain frequency then going all out when removing the palm mute. Palm mute is done by slightly touching the string near the bridge part with the side of your right palm. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure for it to sound right. Also, don’t forget to not make it too light because it won’t sound right either. You should apply the right amount of pressure only to make a perfect palm muted sound.

Using palm mute on low – pitched chords could extremely emphasize the heaviness of the chord, especially in metal songs. So learn palm muting and know its different uses.