Well, at first, changing the guitar strings is a bit uncomfortable when you haven’t tried it yet but actually it is not that difficult if you know what to do and you know what to use. You should consider this as part of your daily routine as a guitarist, something as natural as cleaning your guitar. So today, if you want to learn how to change the strings of your guitar, I have just the right thing right here that would keep you going and help you start learning this skill. It is a much needed skill if you really want to learn guitar, I mean, who would change the strings for you? Guitar tech? You are still not on that level… so if you want to learn read this. This would save you from trouble.

First, you need to have the following:

-          Pliers

-          String winder

-          Strings (obviously)

-          Cloth

Unwind the string until it is loose. Do it one at a time. This is important so that you wouldn’t break the neck of your guitar.

Next, cut off the string. And then clean the guitar, fretboard and everything using the cloth.

Replace string, use the string winder to wind it up and tune.